Perfect Biotics®

Digestive & Immune Support*

30 Billion CFU and 15 unique strains =
the most powerful probiotic in the market

  • 30 billion colony forming units

  • 15 probiotic strains

  • acid and bile resistant strains

  • no refrigeration needed

30 Billion CFU and 15 unique strains

For Only $69.95

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Perfect Digest

Supports Digestive Function*

When combined with Perfect Biotics, Perfect Digest keeps all phases of your entire GI system working as smoothly as possible.

16 Digestive Enzymes
For Only $38.95

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Perfect Biotics+

Extra Strains

Perfect biotics+ is the perfect complement to your Perfect Biotics order.

9 Extra Strains
For Only $39.95

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Perfect Flora

Supports good bacteria growth*

The perfect partner for our probiotics, Perfect Flora targets bad gut bacteria with powerful, targeted bacteriophage strains, allowing your body’s healthy bacteria to grow and thrive.

4 Resilient Bacteriophage Strains
For Only $48.95

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Perfect Biotics Slim

Weight Management Probiotic*

When you pair Perfect Biotics Slim with Perfect Biotics, you’re getting the most potent fat-burning probiotic combination we offer.

4 Premium Weight Management Ingredients
For Only $47

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Vital Biotics

Promotes Cardiovascular Health*

The patented probiotics in Vital Biotics promote better heart health, increased energy, and digestive balance. Now you can look forward to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Patented Heart Health Probiotics
For Only $46.99

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Dermal Biotics

Reduces the Appearance of 7 Common Signs of Aging*

With the power of probiotics, your skin can now look years, or even decades younger. Dermal Biotics dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness.

4 Skin-Revitalizing Active Ingredients
For Only $49

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