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How To Reverse The Damage Your Diet Has Done To Your Body

E. Coli: a toxic bacteria which may be found in trace amounts in your body right now.

This is an E. Coli:

E. Coli is a very dangerous form of bad bacteria.

You may have heard about the recent E. Coli outbreak traced back to Chipotle restaurants, responsible for sickening dozens of people across multiple states...

The reason E.Coli is so dangerous is because it releases a toxin in your digestive system – the Shiga Toxin...

Which can cause severe disease...including bloody diarrhea, kidney failure...even death.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not infected with E.Coli...

Or are you?

Scientists now believe there are actually trace amounts of E. Coli in vast swaths of the population...

Along with dozens of other types of bad bacteria that can cause not only disease...

But more common digestive problems as well, such as:

And digestive troubles are just the beginning. A surplus of bad bacteria has also been

linked to greater overall health issues, such as:

As well as the most common consequence of bad bacteris...

The difference between E.Coli and these other bad bacteria is simple:

The ones you haven’t heard of don’t get the headlines, because they act much more slowly...

And if you eat meat at least once a week, there’s an even higher chance this problem affects you, because of the way livestock is raised.

You and I will be able to determine within just a few minutes here today if you might have an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your digestive system...

And if that’s the case, then you should know your health issues are no fault of your own...nor is your failure to correct them through traditional methods.

But it also won’t get fixed no matter how much you exercise, or what diet you go on next.

If you eat meat at least once a week, you have a higher risk of being affected by dozens of toxic bacteria.

In fact, according to a recent Rice University study:

Too much bad bacteria could currently be causing digestive problems in as many as 70% of all Americans...

And if you happen to be suffering from any of these symptoms...

Then there’s only one way to turn things around and get yourself healthy again...

How To Get Rid Of Those Dangerous Bugs In Your Belly

I’ve put together this special health report to show you how you can do exactly that – because white-box have recently debuted a new way to target and destroy bad bacteria in your digestive tract...

It’s a thoroughly modern method of cleaning out your system. It also works fast – making it possible to begin experiencing relief from each and every one of the symptoms I just mentioned within a matter of hours, not days.

It is not a probiotic – although if you currently take probiotics, that’s good...

Many of my patients take probiotics – as do I – and they can be a real game-changer in terms of digestive health...

However, this simple solution – which literally takes less than 30 seconds a day – goes even further...and has been proven to actually enhance the benefits of probiotics!

Using this method, thousands of people have already experienced relief from digestive issues that have plagued them all their lives...allowing them to:

  • Eat what they want without fear of indigestion
  • Have more regular bathroom habits
  • Reduce stomach sensitivity and cramping

And that’s just the beginning...as many of my patients have personally reported to me other significant improvements to their health, including:

  • Better mood
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy

And yes...they even find they’re finally able to slim down after years of frustration.

But the best part? This scientific breakthrough can be utilized by ordinary people just like you in the comfort of your own home.

My regular patients swear by it...which is what inspired me to create this video...

And since its release in the 1st quarter of 2016, I’ve received emails and phone calls from people all over the country and even Europe thanking me for finally giving them a solution to their digestive issues...

When many of them had already given up hope.

My name is Dr. Cary Nelson

I am a board-certified family practitioner with degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles...the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara...and New York Medical College

Today, I have my own successful practice in Los Angeles.

The vast majority of my patients come to me suffering from some sort of digestive issue, or a lack of energy...which in most cases, is directly linked to digestion.

As I mentioned, in the past I’ve always recommend they take probiotics – which, if you’re not familiar, are clusters of friendly bacteria that rebalance your gut flora and help you better digest your food.

Dr. Cary Nelson, MD: Board-certified, Director of Science & Nutrion Probiotic America

Most of my patients who didn't experience amazing results with probiotics were making three big mistakes in their diet.

However, I found that while probiotics worked wonders for many of them...some of my patients didn’t experience quite as much of a game-changing effect as others.

When I asked these patients what they were eating, I discovered they all had very similar dietary patterns...patterns that are extremely common amongst Americans.

These patterns led me to compile a list of three major culprits of bacterial imbalance...which I’ll reveal to you in just a moment...

And I can almost guarantee you’re eating at least two of them much more than you should.

The Anti-Foods In Your Diet

I call these culprits Anti-Foods – because they do the opposite of what food is supposed to do in your system...which is provide you energy and keep you healthy...

Instead, these Anti-Foods feed your bad bacteria instead of feeding you...draining you of energy, causing you to have unhealthy cravings, and clogging up your system.

You see, your gut is home to some 100 trillion microbes of bacteria...which make up as much as 3 pounds of your body weight.

The anti-foods in your diet feed your bad bacteria...draining your energy and causing you to crave unhealthy & fattening foods.

Most of these bacteria are friendly, and essential for helping you digest your food and keep your system running smoothly – let’s call them the good bacteria.

As you know, some of the bacteria isn’t very friendly...but what you may not know is that some “bad bacteria” is perfectly normal, and won’t really cause any problems...so long as it’s kept in check.

The ideal ratio of good to bad bacteria is 80/20. If you're having persistent digestive problems, your bad bacteria is out of control.

As a general rule, white-box have determined that a ratio of about 80% good bacteria to 20% bad bacteria is what you need to be healthy.

But what often happens is that this bacterial balance gets thrown out of whack...so that the bad bacteria climb up and over that 20% number...

And that’s when you start having issues.

Because the more bad bacteria you have, the harder it is for the good bacteria in your gut to do its job...

Making it more challenging for you to properly digest your food...and extract the nutrients your body needs...

So even if you’re eating right...the vitamins and minerals in that healthy food isn’t getting to your heart, brain, skin, hair, and wherever else it’s supposed to go.

And without proper nutrients, you’re going to feel lethargic...

Your mind won’t get what it needs to function properly...making it difficult to concentrate...leaving you feeling stressed and depressed...

Your immune system won’t have the tools it needs to protect you from illness...

You might even find your skin breaking out, or your hair becoming brittle...

And it’s all a result of what’s going on in your digestive system.

In fact, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates – who is considered to be the Father of Western Medicine – believed that:

All health begins in the gut.

- Hippocrates, Father Of Medicine

And I agree with him.

Almost all health problems can be traced back to your bacterial balance...

And unfortunately, what fuels those bad bacteria...the stuff they love to feed on, that allows them to grow out of control in your gut...

Is exactly what’s found in the typical American diet.

I’m going to reveal 3 Anti-Foods you’re likely consuming on a daily basis...that are secretly derailing your own health...without you even knowing about it.

These unhealthy ingredients are everywhere in the foods we eat...they’re practically unavoidable...

And when we consume them, we’re really feeding the bad bacteria just as much as we’re feeding ourselves...if not more.

The 3 anti-foods you're eating on a regular basis are hijacking your cravings and wrecking your gut.

Not only that...but once the bad bacteria get a taste for these foods...they are able to hijack your cravings...meaning they send signals to your brain that you want more of these Anti-Foods...

When it’s really them that want more of it.

Think about that for a moment...

Next time you’re craving something you know is bad for you...it may not even be you who’s craving it...

But the dangerous bad bacteria inside you, telling your brain you want it...just so it can grow stronger, and do more damage to your system!

Pretty scary stuff, right?

So what are these Anti-Foods that allow bad bacteria to reprogram your wiring so dangerously?

ANTI-FOOD #1: Artificial Preservatives

These foods are packed with artificial preservatives, which act as fuel for the bad bacteria in your gut.

Artificial preservatives are chemicals added to foods for a number of different reasons:

  • To make it tast better
  • To make it last longer
  • To improve its texture

For instance, preservatives are added to ice cream to make it smoother, and to mayonnaise to keep it from separating.

They are found almost everywhere...but most commonly in:

  • Salad dressing
  • Condiments like mayonnaise,
    ketchup and mustard
  • Frozen entrees
  • Canned soups
  • Diet foods and sodas
  • Fired foods
  • Fast food
  • Packaged snack foods like chips and coookies
  • Syrup
  • Jelly and jams
  • Baked goods
  • Candy

A new study published just last year in the journal Nature found that:

These artificial preservatives could increase the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases and metabolic disorders - such as obesity and diabetes – by destroying bacterial diversity in the digestive system.

The lead scientist in this study, immunologist Andrew Gerwitz, said this dangerous link between artificial preservatives and digestive health may have been missed up until now...

Because when new additives are developed, they are tested on large segments of the population...meaning that some people who might be particularly sensitive to these chemicals could be overlooked.

The idea that a subset of the population may be sensitive isn’t on the radar [of the preservative manufacturers] ... When it comes to people making their own decisions...it’s better to eat less processed food.

- Andrew Gerwitz

Lead Researcher

Unfortunately, preservatives in processed foods are so overwhelmingly commonplace in our society...

But don’t worry – because I’m going to tell you the simple way you can neutralize them, and counteract the negative effects of this dangerous Anti-Food.Speaking of which, it’s time to reveal Anti-Food #2...

Speaking of which, it’s time to reveal Anti-Food #2...

This one is especially problematic, because it’s disguised as something you’ve told is good for you...an easy way to cut back on the sugar intake that could be adding to your waistline...

ANTI-FOOD #2: Splenda

Splenda is the leading artificial sweetener on the market today, with $288 million worth of sales in 2012.

It has become wildly popular in the last decade or so, primarily because it is incredibly sweet, but has no caloric content...which means most people think it’s a healthy substitute for sugar in their coffee.

However, Splenda is made with sucralose – a non-nutritive sweetener that bad bacteria love to feed on...

And the more they eat...the stronger they grow...

Splenda: This artificial sweetener disrupts the bacteria in your gut, which can cause dangerous metabolic diseases.

Another study from last year found that artificial sweeteners such as sucralose can cause metabolic diseases by changing the make-up of bacteria in the gut.

According to Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the best-selling book Diet Evolution,

One pack of Splenda kills off 50% of the normal bacteria in your gut... When you put that in your coffee this morning, you just swallowed an A-bomb that destroyed your rainforest.

- Steven Gundry

Author of the best-selling book Diet Evolution

And in addition to coffee, sucralose is also used to sweeten diet sodas...in fact, Diet Coke even advertises their use of Splenda right on the can, because it’s mistakenly thought to be so healthy.

But several studies have recently shown a disturbing link between diet sodas and weight gain, obesity and diabetes.

The famous San Antonio Diet Soda Study of 2015 concluded that:

On average, people who consumed only the occasional diet soda (less than one a day) reported their waistlines increasing by almost two inches over the course of nine years...

While those who drank at least one diet soda a day said their waistlines balloon over 3 inches.

Those who never drank diet sodas only had a waistline increase of less than one inch...

The San Antonio Diet Study of 2015 found that diet soda drinkers gained more weight than non-drinkers.

... meaning that people who regularly drank diet soda...widely considered a “healthy alternative” to regular soda...

Added over three times more to their waistlines than those who did not.

And this is about much more than simple weight gain – as fat around the waist indicates not just fat that’s under the skin, but also fat that accumulates around internal organs...

Which is commonly associated with:

And, in addition to feeding your bad bacteria, multiple studies show that :

No-calorie sweeteners stimulate your body’s release of the hormone insulin, which makes you store more fat...

Just the taste of something sweet will trigger this reaction from your body...which is what makes sucralose even more destructive...

Because it is up to 1,000 times sweeter than other artificial sweeteners, such as sucrose.

All of which adds up to making Splenda the most dangerous Anti-Food masquerading as something good for you.

But as bad as these first two Anti-Foods are...the third one may be even worse.

At least artificial preservatives and sweeteners – such as Splenda – are exactly that: artificial.

They’re chemicals, made in a lab...so it’s not terribly surprising to learn that they could do damage to your health.

But my third Anti-Food is something we consider to be natural...something we’ve been eating since the dawn of mankind...

ANTI-FOOD #3: Meat

Did you know that the vast majority of farm-raised animals you eat are treated with antibiotics to make them grow faster?

In fact, 80% of the antibiotics sold in the US are used in meat and poultry production.

The vast majority of the meat and poultry you eat is treated with antibiotics.

That means there’s a good chance the antibiotics in the meat you eat could end up inside you as well...

If you’ve ever taken antibiotics to fight off an infection, you know they can be crucial in destroying the harmful bacteria that’s hurting your health...but here’s the thing...

Antibiotics don’t discriminate when it comes to killing bacteria. So when you take antibiotics to kill those bad bacteria...you’re also killing off all your good bacteria at the same time...

And even though the antibiotics may solve your immediate health problem...they also throw your bacterial balance way out of whack...

Which can take you years to get back to a healthy ratio.

That’s why after taking antibiotics, many people are more likely to catch a cold, or experience indigestion...

Because they’ve taken out all their good bacteria along with the bad.

So if you regularly eat any chicken, beef, turkey or pork – and by regularly, I mean at least once a week...

Unless you’re buying meat that is specifically labeled “organic,” which can be harder to find, and much more expensive...

Then there’s a chance the antibiotics these animals are treated with are ending up in your digestive tract...killing off your good bacteria...and throwing your bacterial balance off course.

Antibiotics in our meat supply can end up in your gut, killing off your "good" bacteria.

In fact, the outbreaks of E.Coli that happen every year are often traced back to farm-raised livestock...as the bacteria living in these animals become resistant to the antibiotics over time.

In December 2015, the British Government commissioned the Review on Antimicrobial Research to determine what effect these antibiotics were having on humans...

And the conclusions were disturbing, to say the least.

The routine and regular pumping of antibiotics into animals is deeply dangerous in that it creates resistance to drugs that are key to modern medicine and key to our lives

- Nicholas Stern

President of the British Academy

And Jim O’Neill, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management who is chairing the review, said:

I find it staggering that in many countries, most of the consumption of antibiotics is in animals rather than humans. This creates a big resistance risk for everyone.

- Jim O’Neill

Former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Now, as you can see, these Anti-Foods are everywhere...and when combined and consumed regularly, they can cause some pretty bad damage to your health...

Never was this point proven more clearly than in the shocking story of... The McDonald’s Experiment.

The McDonald’s Experiment

Back in 2014, a professor at Kings College London named Tim Spector decided to partner with his son, Tom – a college student – to explore how diet can affect gut microbiodiversity – in other words, the types of bacteria in the digestive system.

Kings College London studied the health effects of eating McDonald's for 10 days. The results were shocking.

So, they decided Tom would eat nothing but McDonald’s for a full ten days.

(If this experiment sounds familiar, it should – filmmaker Morgan Spurlock adopted the same McDonald’s diet for a month for his 2004 documentary Supersize Me...but Tim and Tom Spector’s experiment took things a bit further.)

Questionable parenting aside, Tom began eating nothing but McDonald’s, with the idea that his father would scientifically assess his health at the end of the experiment.

However, according to Tom, it only took six days to start experiencing definitive health problems.

I was feeling really tired and lethargic, and I had trouble sleeping... I like to think I have a good metabolism, but my body was having a hard time processing all the sugar and fat.

- Tom Spector

Lead Researcher

As the days wore on, Tom reported having “food hangovers” for hours after each meal, leaving him feeling sick and moody. Yet he still had cravings – his body was responding much the way an alcoholic’s does to booze.

Even his friends became concerned: “By the eighth or ninth day they started saying things like: ‘Are you sure your liver functions are intact? You look really quite jaundiced (yellow skin). You should really consider stopping.’”

By the end, Tom became extremely constipated – unable to go to the bathroom for two days – making it difficult to even test the results of the experiment.

But when he was finally able to provide a stool sample, the results were alarming...

Not only did Tom put on four pounds in just ten days...

But after starting with 3,500 different species of bacteria in his digestive system...

Following the 10-day experiment...Tom had lost 1,400 of them!!!

Imagine that – in just ten days, Tom had killed off over a third of the bacteria in his gut...

Causing him all sorts of health problems, including:

Again – Tom experienced all these negative symptoms after just a week and a half of altering his diet...

And I know what you’re thinking...

You’re thinking, “Well, of course you’re going to feel unhealthy if you eat nothing but McDonald’s. Nobody actually eats that poorly!”

And you’re right, of course.

But the truth is, while you may not be eating McDonald’s all day, every day...

You probably are eating many of the same sugars, sweeteners, artificial preservatives, and chemically-treated meat that’s found in McDonald’s meals – albeit in lower doses, and over a longer time period...

Just by virtue of living and eating in the United States.

In fact – like diet soda – many foods you might consider “healthy” are actually Trojan horses filled with these harmful ingredients.

For example – this small cup of Fage 0% fat Greek yogurt – which many people would consider a “health food” – contains a whopping 9 grams of added sugar...

For reference, the American Heart Association recommends we consume no more than 25 grams of added sugar for women, and 36 grams for men – per day.

So if just that one small cup of “healthy” yogurt accounts for over a third of your daily recommended sugar consumption...imagine what’s in the rest of your food!

This tiny cup of yogurt contains a whopping 9 grams of sugar...that's over 1/3 of your entire daily recommended sugar count!

That’s why over 70% of Americans consume at least 91 grams of added sugar a day – and most don’t even realize it!

So while you may not be experiencing quite as rapid a deterioration in your health as Tom Spector did in The McDonald’s Experiment...

Chances are, you’re upsetting your bacterial balance in the exact same way – not over ten days...but over years and years of eating foods containing the ingredients bad bacteria love.

To prove this point, all you need to do is ask yourself if you suffer from any of the symptoms Tom developed in his ten days of eating McDonald’s...

Do you get indigestion after eating certain foods?

Do you get moody, stressed, or irritated for no real reason?

Do you find yourself feeling lethargic, without the energy you need to get through the day?

Do you put on weight and find it impossible to get rid of?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions...there’s a good chance your diet has led to an overpopulation of bad bacteria in your gut...

And without correcting this imbalance...your problems are only going to get worse.

The Good News Is...You Can Reverse The Damage – Fast!

So now, let’s talk about how exactly you can correct your bacterial imbalance...and get you back into tip-top shape.

The most straightforward way to straighten out your digestive system is to immediately stop eating anything bad bacteria thrive on.

One way to repair your digestive system is to completely stop eating anything that feeds your bad bacteria...which includes MOST of your favorite foods.

That means cutting out as much sugar and artificial sweeteners as you can. No more ice cream, candy, diet soda or pastries.

It also means getting rid of preservatives, processed foods, and scaling way back on how much meat you eat...so...

No bacon or salami. Chicken and red meat once in awhile. Forget about most cheeses.

In fact, most staples you get at the grocery store – like bread, ketchup, pasta sauce and jam – are loaded with artificial preservatives...

All of which are pure fuel for bad bacteria...so I’m afraid you’ll have to say goodbye.

Now, let me stop here for a moment...because if you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting to freak out a little.

I mean – cutting out sweets and salty snacks is difficult, but it makes sense if you’re trying to eat healthy...

But meat? Cheese? Bread??? I’m basically telling you never to eat another sandwich!

What’s left? Veggies and seeds?

Look, I get it. It’s simply unrealistic to remove basically everything you’re accustomed to eating from your diet...

And really, why would you want to? If all you can eat to be healthy is salad and fish...is that really the way you want to live?

For me at least, the answer is definitely not.

I truly enjoy food...and even though I’m a doctor and do my best to eat healthy... I don’t want to have to feel guilty for going to a restaurant and having the occasional burger and fries.

Cutting out everything but salads, veggies, and fish is totally unrealistic.

A Freedom Fighter For Your Gut

This is a phage – a microscopic protein designed to destroy the bad bacteria in your gut.

It’s called a bacteriophage...or phage, for short.

The word “phage” comes from the Greek word “phaegin,” which means “to eat or devour”...so bacteriophage literally means “bacteria eater.”

It’s a specially engineered, microscopic protein that is designed specifically to target and destroy bad bacteria in your digestive tract.

It’s like a miniature robot carrying a supply of specialized DNA...

Here, the phage attaches itself to a "bad" bacteria cell.

What phages do is seek out the bad bacteria they’re programmed to destroy, attach themselves to these bad bacteria, and then inject them with their DNA...

Once inside the bad bacteria, this DNA begins to replicate...creating more and more copies of itself...

Until the bad bacteria burst open, killing them...

While at the same time, releasing a flurry of the newly created phage into your digestive system, which serves as nutrients that your good bacteria can feed on.

This is a highly effective, two-pronged approach towards rebalancing your gut flora...

  1. It kills off and reduces your bad bacteria
  2. It provides optimal conditions for good bacteria to flourish

In 1915, French-Canadian scientist Félix d’Hérelle used a phage to treat a child suffering from a severe bacterial infection. The boy recovered after just a few days.

Phages were actually first discovered over 100 years ago, way back in 1915, when French-Canadian scientist Félix d’Hérelle observed a bacteria-killing microbe at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

The very first phage experiment was performed by d’Hérelle on a 12-year-old boy suffering from severe dysentery – which is a severe bacterial infection that causes inflammation in the intestines...

The boy’s symptoms ceased after just a single administration of d’Hérelle’s anti-dysentery phage...and he fully recovered within a few days.

Unfortunately, d’Hérelle’s work was interrupted by World War I....

And while phages began making an appearance again in the 1920s and ‘30s...they were ultimately abandoned by Western medicine, because of the growing popularity of antibiotics...which are easier to make and store.

But although antibiotics are effective in treating infections, they’re an equal opportunity destroyer – they wipe out all bacteria, whether they’re good or bad...

While phages are designed to specifically target only bad bacteria.

Today, however, phages are making a big comeback...primarily because antibiotics are becoming less and less effective, as bacteria have grown more resistant to the – as in the case of farm-raised meat.

We badly need new antimicrobial treatments, but there aren't that many coming down the pipeline... Bacteriophages are a largely untapped resource for that.

- Timothy Lu

Synthetic biologist, Associate professor of biological
engineering at MIT

Phages have shown great success in treating all manner of bacterial problems – from eye infections to lung infections...from meningitis in newborn babies to E. Coli in the digestive system.

One study performed on children suffering from dysentery by the Phage Therapy Center in Europe found that:

A specialized phage treatment resulted in a 78% bacterial recovery after only seven days...

A success rate so high, it was determined antibiotics were no longer necessary to cure the children.

In the last few years, scientists have gotten even more sophisticated at engineering phages to clean the bad bacteria out of your system.

This hi-tech science is gaining traction at a white-hot pace, as the possibilities of what phages can do are limitless...

The science of creating phages to eliminate bad bacteria has become more hi-tech and more effective.

In fact, the United States military has even launched a program to develop phage cocktails to fight off deadly bacteria, such as E. Coli...

And one company in particular is leading the charge in creating the most effective phage to ever be introduced in the 100+ years scientists have known of their existence...

That company is Probiotic America.

Probiotic America is a lab and research facility based in Southern California...and for the past several years, we have consistently been on the forefront of bringing cutting-edge health solutions to the public.

We spent years studying phage research before engineering new phages of our own. In Sept. 2014, we developed the "perfect" phage.

We’ve had incredible success with probiotic solutions for digestive health problems...

But in 2010, we quietly started exploring the possibilities of bacteriophages...

Pouring over a century’s work of obscure research...mostly conducted in Eastern Europe, and difficult to translate...

Before embarking on engineering new phages of our own, specifically targeting the bacteria that are the most destructive towards digestive health.

We successfully developed the first phage that can:

  • Survive the acid in your stomach
  • Seek out and attach itself to multiple forms of bad bacteria in both your small and large intestines
  • Destroy the bad bacteria with unprecedented speed
  • Provide instant nutritional fuel for friendly bacteria

Our new phage formula has been clinically proven to increase your "good" bacteria by over 7,000%.

This newly designed phage is so effective, it is clinically proven to increase your digestive system’s quantities of beneficial bacteria by over 7000% -- that’s over 70 times more good bacteria, through this solution alone!

Those are off-the-charts numbers...never before has there been a phage this powerful.

This advancement we’ve achieved here at Probiotic America with phage technology marks a giant leap forward...setting a new bar in digestive health...

And now...in the first quarter of 2016, after extensive safety and effectiveness testing...Probiotic America is finally ready to bring this brand new digestive health solution to you...

Introducing Perfect Flora

The most efficient, effective, and fastest-acting phage ever developed.

  • Digestive benefits within just a few hours
  • Smaller doses than other phages previously developed
  • Targets and eliminates bad bacteria in your digestive tract
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria growth

This two-pronged approach to digestive health will start rebalancing your bacterial ratio right away...

Not only is it much easier than cutting all the foods you love out of your diet...it also works much quicker...so you experience relief the same day you take it.

Relief from what?

Well – all those digestive problems, for starters.

  • Indigestion
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Constipation

... by shifting your bacterial balance back towards the good... and getting rid of all that excess bad...

Your digestive problems will start settling down immediately, as you begin to digest your food the way your system was designed to.

From there, you’ll start to experience a whole range of other health benefits...some of which you probably never expected...

Because when your digestive system is working properly, it efficiently extracts all the nutrients in your food, and delivers them wherever they need to go in your body.

Perfect Flora helps enhance your immune system, keeping away infection to make sure you stay healthy.

This means you’ll have a stronger immune system, properly equipped to keep you healthy and strong...instead of easily falling prey to whatever virus happens to be going around.

It means you’ll have a lot more energy – both physical and mental – so you can accomplish more with your day, instead of feeling exhausted and putting things off for another time.

It means better focus and concentration, as your brain will receive the nutrients it needs to stay sharp – instead of being easily distracted, or losing memories to “brain fog.”

Perfect Flora helps you enjoy the foods you love WITHOUT the digestive problems, fatigue, or unhealthy cravings you've been experiencing.

It means feeling more upbeat and positive – both with yourself and those around you – instead of getting easily irritated or depressed for no real reason.

And it also means being able to eat more of the foods you want, without the worry that they’re going to cause you problems.

No crazy diets. No cutting out everything that makes food taste good.

And...don’t be surprised if you find you’re finally able to get back in shape...

Because when your system is running smoothly and digesting food properly...

Your metabolism increases, and you burn energy more efficiently...instead of storing those calories as excess fat.

As I mentioned earlier, the root of all health is your digestive system. When your gut is healthy, the rest of your body follows – from the hair on your head to the skin on your toes.

And the bottom line is, when all your systems are working the way they’re designed to – like a well-oiled machine – you’ll experience a happiness you’ve been living without for years...or some cases....decades.

The Next Generation Of Digestive Health

Now, just to clarify, Perfect Flora is not a probiotic...although if you’re already taking probiotics, I want to commend you, and encourage you to continue...

As Perfect Flora can actually enhance the benefits you’re already getting from your probiotic.

It’s like supplying your troops with the latest weapons technology...so Perfect Flora combined with probiotics is like a 1-2 punch to your bad bacteria, and can really take your gut health to the next level!

Perfect Flora is also not an antibiotic...because while antibiotics destroy all bacteria in your system indiscriminately...

Perfect Flora targets and destroys only the bad bacteria...leaving the good bacteria to help you stay healthy.

An easy way to think of Perfect Flora is as a hybrid of probiotics and antibiotics... as it combines the benefits of both into one cutting-edge capsule:

  1. It destroys bad bacteria (like an antibiotic)
  2. It supports good bacteria (like a probiotic)

Perfect Flora is also the most advanced phage to be developed in the 100 years scientists have known of their existence...improving upon previous versions in a number of important ways...

1. Works Quickly

It goes to work killing off bad bacteria immediately, meaning you’ll begin noticing results within hours...whereas other phages can take days or even weeks to produce results.

2. Extremely Potent

It only takes a small amount to be just as effective as other phages that require a much higher dose.

This is a more important issue than you might think. I’ve found that with my patients – as well as with myself – if they have to take two or three capsules multiple times throughout the day...

They’re much more likely to forget to take a dose...which makes the doses they do take much less likely to be effective.

3. Easy To Use

With Perfect Flora, all you need is one capsule a day, and you’re set. No carrying around the bottle, or portioning out doses in a pillbox that you have to remember to take at different times.

It’s just one and done.

4. More Effective

Perfect Flora is neither fiber- nor starch-based

Why is that significant?

Because there are limits to what fiber- and starch-based supplements can do, and certain drawbacks that come with them. For example...

  • They tend to cause flatulence
  • They only work in the colon (large intestine)
  • They are highly sensitive to their specific environment
  • They only target a few species of bad bacteria

Because it is not fiber- or starch-based, Perfect Flora is not limited by any of these drawbacks.

So not only does it work quickly, and in low doses...it also:

  • Does not cause flatulence
  • Works in both the small and large intestines
  • Is not affected by varying gut environments
  • Targets a broad spectrum of gut bacteria

Put simply...Perfect Flora is the next phase in digestive health...

And the quickest path you can take to free yourself of digestive issues, low energy, and fitness frustration – right away.

Is Perfect Flora Right For You?

Now, I want you to ask yourself – honestly – if you really feel as consistently strong and healthy as you should.

If you feel sluggish and drained after eating, your body is simply not digesting food properly. Food should give you vital energy!

Do you feel like the food you eat is pure fuel that powers your system to its full potential, giving you the energy you need to coast through your day, then get a solid, restful, eight hours of sleep at night?

Or, more often...do you feel sluggish after eating...like your body is actually drained of energy...and like what you’re eating is actually working against you, instead of for you?

Because if that’s the case, you need to realize...that’s the opposite of what food is supposed to do.

So if you’ve got any sort of digestive issue – whether it’s simple indigestion, irregular bathroom habits, or constipation...

Or if you can’t seem to slim down no matter how well you eat, or how much you exercise...

Or if you can’t seem to shake that low-energy feeling...have trouble concentrating...or just don’t feel as happy as you think you should...

Perfect Flora wipes out the bad bacteria in your gut which is keeping you overweight, tired, and unhappy.

Then there’s a good chance you’ve got a bad bacteria problem in your gut...

Which means Perfect Flora can help you improve your health significantly.

Remember, your entire body is connected to your digestive system and its ability to deliver the nutrients from your food to every part of you...

I’ve had patients with everything from skin problems...to depression...to joint pain...to hypertension...

All experience significant improvements...simply as a result of rebalancing their gut bacteria with Perfect Flora.

If you’re someone who gets sick easily, every time there’s something going around...Perfect Flora can help you enormously...

As killing off that bad bacteria can help strengthen your immune system...making you more resistant to illness.

If you eat the typical American diet, you need the potent phage in Perfect Flora to combat the bad bacteria in your gut.

If you eat a typical American diet – and let’s face it, we all do to some extent, no matter how hard we try to be healthy...

Then you need a strong phage like Perfect Flora to help you destroy that bad bacteria that’s feeding on all that processed food, artificial sweeteners, and antibiotic-treated meat you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Every time you put a French fry or an M&M in your mouth, you’re giving ammunition to the enemy...fueling the bacteria that’s cannibalizing your system and slowing you down...

So it’s imperative you give your gut the chance to fight back.

And that’s exactly what Perfect Flora is – a highly specialized weapon in the fight for your health and happiness...

...with the ability to boost the good bacteria in your system by an incredible 7000%

And here’s another important question to ask yourself...

When was the last time you took antibiotics for an infection or illness?

I told you earlier how antibiotics wipe out your gut flora – both the good and the bad – which can take years to rebalance to a healthy ratio.

So if you’ve taken antibiotics at any point in the last few years...your gut bacteria balance may be severely impacted...

In which case, Perfect Flora can be crucial in helping you restore your system and get it functioning regularly again.

And remember...even if you haven’t taken antibiotics in the past few years...

If you eat meat more than once a week, you're likely consuming antibiotics which disrupt your gut flora. Perfect Flora can help reverse this damage.

If you eat farm-raised meat more than once a week – including beef, chicken, turkey or pork...

Then you’re likely consuming the antibiotics those animals have been treated with...which means it could be having a similar effect on your gut flora as being treated with antibiotics yourself.

Perfect Flora is also great for anyone who travels regularly, as flying has been shown to disrupt your digestion, cause gas, bloating, and indigestion...

As well as expose you to a lot more germs – according to the Journal of Environmental Health Research:

Your risk of catching a cold is over 100 times higher on an airplane

Finally...because Perfect Flora provides a fertile environment for friendly bacteria to thrive in...it also works fantastically for those who also take probiotics.

Probiotics are supplements containing the strains of the good bacteria you want in your gut...and they can go a long way towards rebalancing your digestive system...

But that’s only if they work. Without the proper environment to take root in, a lot of those beneficial bacterial strains can end up passing right through you.

That’s why an effective phage like Perfect Flora can help boost the performance of your probiotics – such as in the case of the powerful beneficial strain of the bacterium B. longum...

Meaning just this one strain becomes 70 times stronger in your system when you pair it with Perfect Flora.

Think of it in terms of building a house...

You can’t just build a house right on top of the ground – it won’t hold up.

You need to clear the ground of debris first, then build a solid foundation...

Perfect Flora creates a solid foundation for your digestive system – and your body – to thrive.

Which will allow your house to be structurally sound, and be your home for years to come.

Perfect Flora clears your digestive system of the bad bacteria that’s clogging it up...

And provides a solid foundation for your good bacteria to create a home of its own...keeping you healthy for years to come.

Perfect Flora: How To Get It

So now that you know exactly how Perfect Flora works, and exactly how it can help you improve both your digestion and your overall health...

So now that you know exactly how Perfect Flora works, and exactly how it can help you improve both your digestion and your overall health...

When we are at the capacity to sell in stores, Perfect Flora will retail for $89.95 for a 30-Day supply.

… but since you are a loyal Probiotic America subscriber, we'd like to invite you to try Perfect Flora at a special rate for existing customers only.

With our special “Loyal Customer” offer, you can get it at the lowest possible price. Best of all, when you order through this offer, you’ll be “grandfathered in” at this price...even if we have to raise costs in the future.

Again, this offer is only available to customers who get Perfect Flora through this presentation, and only until our very limited supplies last. (Only 4,000 bottles available)

Even better: When you invest in a 3-bottle package of Perfect Flora today, you will pay only $41.60 per bottle.

That's almost HALF OFF the retail price and...we will even give you free shipping!

And when you invest in a Family Pack of 6, you’ll save even more.

Best of all: Every order of 6 bottles – or any order of 1, 3, or 6 bottles on our monthly “Probiotic America Platinum” Program – comes with a FREE bottle of Perfect Biotics, our incredible 15-strain probiotic formula.

These two powerful products form a “1-2 punch” that, in my opinion, is the greatest digestive enhancement combination available anywhere in the world…period.

Our proprietary bottling system has been designed to keep your Perfect Flora fresh for a minimum of one year on your shelf.

So don't hesitate to stock up and save.... this extremely limited supply of 4,000 bottles WILL go fast.

And due to the deep discounts we're offering, our multi-packs of Perfect Flora typically sell out much faster than our single bottles.

So when you click the “Get Started” button below and visit our order page, be sure to check out which deals are currently available.


  • Complete Digestive Enhancement
  • Limited Supply (only 4,000 bottles)
  • 1 FREE bottle of Perfect Biotics (select orders)
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Supply Limited to Only 4,000 Bottles

Now, there is a catch to this deal – and that is that this offer is only available for a limited time, while supplies last...

And there’s a reason for that.

You see, this particular phage is a highly sophisticated marvel of bio-engineering...and while it’s extremely effective...it’s also difficult to produce in large quantities.

Currently, we have exactly 4,000 units available and ready to ship.

We are preparing a fresh supply run, but the limits of production mean it will likely be another 3-4 months before it will be available to the public.

So once our current supply sells out...Perfect Flora will not be immediately available.

Should you decide to order late, you will be placed on our wait list for the next batch...and I promise, you will eventually receive your order of Perfect Flora...

But you likely will have to wait a few weeks or months to start experiencing digestive health benefits...instead of receiving yours in just a few days if you order now...

You also will pay the regular retail price...as opposed to the discounted price I’m offering you today.

This limited supply is the reason this deal is strictly being offered to our existing loyal customers.

And when these 4,000 bottles are gone...we are SOLD OUT.

So please don’t hesitate to act now before supplies run out...

Get Started

Oh, and one more thing...

Just so you know that there is absolutely no risk involved in ordering Perfect Flora today...

I’d like to invite you to try Perfect Flora for a full three months...without any fear of losing your investment.

That's right...take a full 90 days to see how Perfect Flora works for you.

If you’re not experiencing better, cleaner digestion...more energy...and an overall increased level of health and wellness...

Then I urge you to go ahead and send back your empty bottle...and I’ll immediately refund your money.

I am so confident you’re going to love the way Perfect Flora makes you feel, I have no reservations about offering you this iron-clad, 90-day, full money-back guarantee...

All you have to do is contact one of our in-house customer service representatives. You can reach us easily by phone or email – whichever is more convenient for you...

And within minutes, a member of our amazing customer service team will process your full refund and get it back to you that very same day.

No hassles, no hard feelings...and you’ll have gotten to give Perfect Flora a try for free.

Sound good?

Simply select the package you want, enter your shipping and billing information, place your order...and Perfect Flora will be on its way to your door immediately...

So that just a few days from now, you can begin improving your digestion and feeling the way you’re supposed to feel – fully healthy.

On our order page, you’ll also be able to find all of the information I’ve given you here today about Perfect Flora, as well as some of the more frequently asked questions we get – which I’ll also answer here in a moment...

So click the “Get Started” button below to get started at any time, and take advantage of this limited time “Loyal Customer” offer...

Or over 50% off when you take advantage of the limited 3- or 6-pack specials we are currently offering while supplies last...


  • Control cravings for unhealthy food
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Save over 50% on multi-pack orders
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Decision Time

Now, if you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you, and also applaud you...

You’ve taken the time to learn about a significant health issue that’s been negatively affecting your life, as well as a solution that can turn it around...

So whether you decide to take action here today or not...you deserve to be congratulated on becoming better informed on the problem.

I want to just take a second to talk about what not taking action could look like...

If you decide not to start eliminating the bad bacteria in your gut – as well as laying the groundwork for good bacteria to thrive – what you’re effectively doing is surrendering your body to the enemy.

That bad bacteria has no interest in your health...only in making itself stronger...

Which it does by hijacking your taste buds and creating cravings for the foods it needs to multiply...

Foods like sugar, sweeteners, and artificial preservatives...

All of which can make you sluggish, sick, and overweight.

And letting bad bacteria grow out of control is a bit like rolling a snowball down a mountain...

It begins growing faster and faster...cannibalizing the good bacteria at an exponentially bigger rate...

If you DON'T eliminate bad bacteria in your gut, you'll continue to feel sluggish, sick, heavy, and unhappy.

And before you know it, what started as some mild indigestion has turned into multiple full-blown health problems.

For many of you, this may already be the case...

As you may have been suffering not only from digestive issues...but lack of energy, weight gain, or even depression...for a long time now.

In fact, you may have been dealing with these things for so long, you’ve come to regard them as “normal”...just “the way you are.”

But there are two things wrong with this line of thinking...

  1. These issues aren’t “normal”
  2. They will get significantly worse if not corrected

As your bacterial balance gets more and more distorted...with the bad bacteria growing much higher than that 20% limit for being healthy...

Not only will your digestive functioning deteriorate...causing you more irregular bathroom habits...and more flab in your belly...

But the rest of your body will start to follow.

Your immune system won’t get the nutrients it needs to be strong...it will weaken and break down...rendering you less capable of fighting off illness and infection...

You’ll become more and more easily fatigued...especially after meals...making it impossible to exercise, or even make it through the day...

Your brain won’t function as efficiently, which means you’ll find it more difficult to concentrate...your memory might get foggier...

Unhealthy gut bacteria will lead to much more serious health concerns.

You may even notice your mood darkening, so that you experience stress and anxiety more frequently...which puts you in danger of slipping into a more severe depression....

And while these things won’t happen as quickly as they did to Tom Spector in the McDonald’s Experiment...in your case, it could be even more dangerous...

Because with Tom, it happened so rapidly, it set off alarm signals – he knew within days he had to make a change.

You can start ridding yourself of all these symptoms, simply by taking the simple step of cleaning out your digestive system and rebalancing your gut flora...

And the solution is safe, affordable and effective.

Just by taking one capsule of Perfect Flora every morning, you’ll be giving your gut the tools it can use to kill off bad bacteria, while at the same time providing a fertile breeding ground for the good bacteria you need to stay healthy.

Unhealthy gut bacteria will lead to much more serious health concerns.

Once your bacterial balance is restored, all your systems begin humming along at full strength.

You digest your food properly, ensuring you get the maximum amount of nutrients available.

You can enjoy more of the foods you like, without the anxiety that they’ll make you feel sick and sluggish.

You may even find yourself slimming down without making significant changes to your diet...as your body begins burning energy more efficiently.

Your immune system strengthens, becoming more capable of protecting you from getting sick.

You’ll have more energy – both mentally and physically – allowing you to accomplish more with your day, and with your life.

And at the end of your day, you’ll sleep much better...allowing your body and brain to recharge...

Which will lead to a noticeable improvement in your mood...

All of which translates into you transforming into a healthier, happier version of yourself...

All starting with your first capsule of Perfect Flora...

And it all begins with clicking the “Get Started” button below.

So go ahead...take that next step...in your health, in your happiness...in your life.

There’s no risk in trying Perfect Flora...and from seeing the results in my patients...and my own, first-hand experience....

I promise you...the rewards are priceless.

Thanks for watching here today. I wish you nothing but the best on your journey in health and happiness.

For Probiotic America,

I’m Dr. Cary Nelson.

  • Limited Supply (only 4,000 bottles)
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 FREE bottle of Perfect Biotics (select orders)
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Still Deciding?

Still here?

Okay, that’s probably because you probably have some questions, which is totally common.

So let’s take a minute and answer a few of those questions you may be having now...

First question...

Does Perfect Flora have any side effects?

Nope. Perfect Flora is perfectly safe for consumption, with no side effects.

It’s a bacteriophage, which is composed of proteins, and pose no threat to your health. In fact, phages are what correct the “side effects” of the bad bacteria that’s already in your system.

And with our kosher, gluten-free, allergen-free capsules, you can take them no matter what your dietary restrictions.

Next question: Do I have to refrigerate Perfect Flora?

Nope. Perfect Flora capsules are freeze-dried in a solid state, and will stay that way until you ingest them. You can travel with them, or mail them to a friend with no fear of them going bad.

How long will it take to destroy my bad bacteria, and when will I know it’s gone?

Everyone’s system is a little bit different, but we feel you should give Perfect Flora at least 30 days to work its full magic, and some folks really start to feel better after 60 days.

You’ll know your bacterial balance has been properly restored when you no longer feel those nagging cravings, your bathroom habits become more regular, and you start feeling less sluggish after meals.

Do I have to take it with a meal?

Many of our clients like to take Perfect Flora with breakfast, as the healthiest way to start the day, but no meal is necessary. And in the event you miss a dose, don’t worry – just proceed as normal the next day.

Here’s a question from Brenda is Tempe, AZ
“I already take a probiotic, but this sounds better. Should I switch?”

This is an important question, and one I get a lot, so I want to be very clear on this...

Perfect Flora is not a probiotic; it is a bacteriophage. However, phages and probiotics work very well in combination with each other, as the effectiveness of probiotics is boosted with a powerful phage like Perfect Flora.

That’s why, if you’re already taking a quality probiotic supplement, I encourage you not to stop. Perfect Flora has the capability of enhancing the digestive benefits of your probiotic – boosting some beneficial strains by as much as 7000% - so you get and stay healthy even faster!

Next question from Heidi, Norfolk, VA
“I’ve been taking Perfect Flora for 3 months now, and in just the last month I’ve noticed by pants are looser around the waist. I haven’t made any significant changes to my diet or lifestyle, other than taking Perfect Flora. Is that normal?”

Great question, Heidi!

I don’t recommend Perfect Flora as a weight loss cure, simply because only around 70% of our clients end up losing weight when they take it...and it doesn’t always happen right away, as you’ve seen in your case.

Bad bacteria can reside quite deep in the gut, and sometimes it takes awhile before your metabolism speeds up. When your metabolism does speed up, you can expect to see weight fall off, for two reasons:

1. More of the food you eat burns into energy

2. Your body now wants foods that are easy to turn into energy – so you begin to crave      healthy foods

Often, these two things combined can result in a slimmer belly, and lost pant or dress sizes. It’s totally normal, and I get a lot of letters and emails like this. Enjoy!

Here’s one from Richard in Iowa:
“I’ve been on the Perfect Flora program for about a month. The first week I my digestion improved a lot...but then something else happened. I started getting turned on by just the scent of a woman’s perfume. I’m almost 80 years old, and haven’t experienced anything like that in years! Thank you!”

Hey Richard – congrats on feeling younger, healthier, and it sounds like happier!

It’s no surprise to me that you’re starting to feel that arousal, as often times when your digestive tract begins performing at its peak, the rest of you follows suit.

That can include your sense of smell...and, of course, your libido.

It’s amazing the changes that can happen once you allow your body to get the nutrients it needs, and open up the paths to distributing them to the right places.

Many report feeling years younger...and it sounds like you’re on that path as well!

Is Perfect Flora safe to give to children?

The answer here is yes.

I’m sure you know how hard it can be to get your kids to eat healthy, so I consider Perfect Flora an excellent way to ensure your children are getting at least the digestive and immune support they need.

Since 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, it makes sense that kids who take Perfect Flora would get sick less often and miss less school. It’s a great habit to start your kids on, and a good way to teach your kids about the importance of taking care of your body, so they go on to live long and healthy lives. I highly recommend it.

And the last question: Can I buy Perfect Flora in stores?

The answer to this one is no.

We deliver Perfect Flora straight to you, the consumer, cutting out the middle man so you save money.

And now, with our special “Loyal Customer” offer, you can get it at the lowest possible price. Best of all, when you order through this offer, you’ll be “grandfathered in” at this price...even if we have to raise costs in the future.

  • Complete Digestive Enhancement
  • Control cravings for unhealthy food
  • Save over 50% on multi-pack orders
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So what are you waiting for?

Click the “Get Started” button above, and place your order now.

And let me be the first to welcome you to the Perfect Flora family, and congratulate you on this wise decision to invest in your new, healthier life!