10 Things You Never Knew About:

1. Probiotics Outnumber Your Body's Cells 10 To 1

1 Trillion Cells In Your Body

10 Trillion Probiotics!

Scientist Mary Ellen Sanders says that if you lined up all the bacteria in your body, they would circle the earth two and a half times.

Your entire body is made of about 10 trillion cells. Compare that to the 100 trillion bacteria you'll find there. But don't feel bad about being "outnumbered" by your body's bacteria...most of them (the probiotics) are "the good guys!"

Probiotics Call Your Entire Body Home

The largest number of probiotics are in your stomach, intestines, and colon. But you find them throughout your body, almost anywhere you look.

They're in your mouth, your throat, and your nostrils. (That's why your mom told you to cover your mouth when you sneezed; she didn't want you blowing bacteria into the air.) You have them in your joints, under your arms, even beneath your toenails. If it's in or on your body, chances are probiotics live there.

When it comes to immunity,
probiotics do the heavy lifting

Probiotics manage about 70-80% of our immune system. They help produce cells that attack and absorb harmful blood microbes. They also help create proteins that let cells "talk" to each other, crucial for healthy immune function.

Probiotics also activate white blood cells that battle illness and infections. Studies cited by the National Institute of Health indicate probiotics combat a number of diseases and strengthen your overall immune health.

Probiotics Are One of Your
Body's Largest "Organs"

Dr. Casey Adams, author of Probiotics Simplified, says that all the probiotic bacteria in your system account for about 3 1/2 pounds of your total weight.

That's more than your brain, at 3 lbs....and way more than your heart, which weighs less than a pound!

5. Probiotics Can Do What Antibiotics Sometimes Can't

Certain bacteria can actually develop a resistance to antibiotics. They can even warp into "super bugs" that fight off antibiotics completely!

This is such a big concern that the US government has put together a five-part "National Action Plan" to figure out how to fight these "super bugs."

But probiotics are the first line of defense against "bad" bacteria, including "super bugs." When you’ve got the right balance of good bacteria in your gut, the bad bacteria that cause illness are kept in check.

Hundreds of Different Probiotics Strains are in Your System

Over 400 different strains of probiotics live in the average body, each of them important to keeping you in good health. And new strains are being discovered in tribal cultures. Their isolated way of life helps them keep strains modern city dwellers have lost.

One school of thought even believes the combined DNA of all these probiotics is more important to our survival than our own DNA.

Probiotics Are Not Bacteria Only

The World Health Organization defines probiotics as microorganisms that benefit our health. Notice they call them "microorganisms”…not just "bacteria.”

In addition to bacteria, probiotics also include certain yeasts which help you digest sugar and starch. (A healthy body bacteria-to-yeast balance is about 80-20.)

Both bacteria and yeasts are considered probiotics because they thrive in your gut and provide you with digestive and immune benefits.

8. Probiotics: A Great Natural Multi-Vitamin (and Food “Processor”)

Many probiotics naturally produce essential fats and vitamins. Most importantly, they make the essential Vitamin B-12, which supports metabolism for every cell in your body.

Probiotics also break down and process nutrients… including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and cholesterol. Without probiotics, many foods would be difficult - if not impossible - to digest.

What Good Are Probiotics?
Let's Count the Ways...

Studies have found over a hundred potential benefits probiotics provide.

A steady "diet" of probiotics has been shown to positively affect everything from tooth decay and appetite to food poisoning. Probiotics have not "cured" any diseases yet, but study after study indicates they fight the symptoms of dozens of illnesses.

10. More and More People Trust Probiotics Every Day

This year alone, the worldwide probiotics market was estimated at over $33 billion. It is expected to jump to over $46.5 billion in the next five years.

The evidence is clear: More and more people are taking advantage of the benefits from probiotic products, including supplements like Perfect Biotics. The number of satisfied probiotics users is likely to go up as more and more of its beneficial properties are verified by scientific study.

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